So many people share their goal setting tips as every new year begins.

However, what I have to say today comes from a different perspective.

I want to suggest you the “Do”s and the “Don’t”s when setting your goals.

Let’s start with the don’ts.

The first “Don’t” is: Don’t fret over the goals you set last year and didn’t achieve.

Forget about them. The 2019 list belongs in the bin! Tear it up and throw it away.

Indeed if you think too much on the goals you didn’t achieve in the past, you can have is frustration, a sense of failure and you can create a limiting belief that

“Well I didn’t achieve my goals last year so I’m not going to bother this year.”

And you don’t want that!

Unless you have an ongoing goal that you started perhaps in the summer and you know the goal is on track to be achieved. That’s another story.

The second “Don’t” is: Do not set goals too far out in the future.

For example,  don’t say you’ll give yourself two years to achieve this goal. This is dangerous because, then, you think that since you have two years, you do not have to start now. This way, you may put it off to the next month or even further into the future. Then, what happens is you procrastinate. You don’t take actionWhen you procrastinate you lose motivation. You also lose track of your goal.

Then, when you think about it because it is too far out in the future and you know you can’t control the future, you may begin to create anxiety about the goal.

So what do you do then?

You can’t look back in the past because you get stuck and frustrated. Similarly, you can’t look too far out in the future because then you get anxious.

Then, focus on now!

A successful goal is set and worked on now.

Indeed the only time you have control upon is now, in the present. Now you can

  • take action.
  • adapt and modify your goal.
  • have control of your goal.

Not tomorrow and not yesterday.

When you have control of the goal, you also have control of your emotional state. You keep stress and anxiety at bay. In fact, you know where you are going with your goal.

That’s the goal: Start your year with less stress, less frustration and no anxiety.

Let’s make this the Goal for 2020!

If you are stuck in the past or too far out in the future and don’t know what to do, get in touch with me and sign up for a free consultation.

If you just have some questions that are relevant to you and you would like to ask me, again sign up for a free consultation.

I am happy to talk to you.

And please make it a goal to share this article with all those people you think could benefit from it.

Goal setting tips
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Goal setting tips! The Do’s and Do Not’s when setting up Goals. Don’t think of goals you did not achieve. Don’t set goals too far out in the future.
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