What does it take to achieve success, whatever success means to you?

Is it knowledgeability, skills?

Is it consistence and persistence? Or is it something else?

I’m fascinated by the term success and to be successful so much so that I’ve asked a few people between my clients and network connections, between professionals and family and friends and the answers I got were very different.

For some people to be successful is to have knowledge, skills and ability to perform a job; others think it is consistence, persistence, resilience to achieve a goal.

Some people think that to be successful you need to have adaptability and flexibility to change what needs changing and adapt to what needs adapting.

Some business coaches I spoke with think that you need a system or a formula because they are repeatable; when they work, they can be used time and time again.

Some people even included luck in the mix.

I personally agree with all of them. I think all of the above is necessary to achieve success.

However, I think there are two important factors to be included in the mix.

In fact, in my opinion, these two factors are the linchpin that holds all these elements together.

Without these two elements, you cannot be successful, and you cannot achieve your goals.

The first and most important element is Self-Belief. You need to believe in yourself to be successful, no matter how much knowledge and experience you have if you don’t believe that not only you can do it, but you are already doing it, if you don’t believe that you are successful right now, that you are achieving your goal at this very moment you will not succeed, you will not achieve your goals.

The second most important element is Courage. Courage to believe in yourself, to believe that you are already there. Also, courage to go over any challenges that you may encounter on your journey to success.

Courage to ask for help when you need it.

Self-Belief and Courage are this week’s challenge.

Do you have the courage to believe in yourself?

If the answer is anything other than Yes, then let’s have a chat.

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I’m here to help you have the courage to believe that you are already successful.

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