It’s Christmas time. They say it’s time to be jolly, or perhaps it’s time to be overwhelmed.

So, today I’d like to give you a practical exercise to learn how to deal with Christmas stress.

You may feel overwhelmed a little bit by all that is going on and everything you would like to get done by Christmas.

Having said that, I want you to sit comfortably in a chair or, if you feel more comfortable, lie down. Choose to relax and close your eyes knowing that you are safe and in control.

Now, follow my instructions.

When you think about Christmas, what is your favourite part? Of all the things that happen at Christmas, what is your favourite?

When you go with it, go with the first thing that pops into your head. Hold the image and feeling of that thought for a minute.

Remember that while you are doing this, you do so knowing that you are safe, calm and in control of what is going on in your head.

So, you can go deeper and relax. You can choose to completely and totally relax.

Now image a Christmas bauble right in front of you.

It is your bauble and it is transparent.

Now I want you to put the image or the feelings that you have in your head into the bauble.

Look at it for a minute. Look at your bauble with your favourite part of Christmas in it.

Go deeper into your relaxation, your arms become heavy and you choose not to move them.

The same with your legs, they are so heavy that you choose to enjoy it and to remain still.

Now, look inside your bauble and be curious about your image.

If there are colours, then perhaps you can make them brighter. Or maybe you are a black and white sort of person, see what works for you.

Remember, you are relaxed and in control of what is inside your bauble.

If the image is still, add some movement. Play with it and see what works best for you. Stillness or colour?

Perhaps you can add…

  • the sound of Christmas. What Christmas sounds like to you.
  • the smell of Christmas. What is your favourite smell of Christmas?
  • the taste of Christmas.

And while you are doing it, you are totally relaxed knowing you are safe and in control.

When you are happy with the results that you have in your Christmas bauble, pay attention to how you feel about your bauble.

Joy, satisfaction, perhaps you feel very good about yourself and your creation.

You are safe and in control of what is inside your bauble.

Also, be aware of where these feelings come from in your body.

Whereabouts in your body these feelings of joy, pride and happiness come from.

Perhaps your chest area or maybe your stomach.

As you are in control of whats inside your bauble, I want you now to hold your bauble with both hands.

Now bring the bauble towards the part of your body where the feelings are. Either your chest or your stomach.

Keep the bauble there for a moment. Enjoying everything you put inside your bauble.

Then, tomorrow, when you go about your day and you feel a little bit overwhelmed, stop for a second.

Be aware of the bauble.

Pay attention to the part of your body where you put your bauble. Be aware of what’s inside the bauble and be joyful.

It is your bauble, it is there. Anytime you need to, all you have to do is look inside your bauble.

Now, when you are ready, open your eyes. Tap your body, come back to us and welcome back.

Now I would love if you could write me a message or comment on how you felt with the exercise. Or how you feel about it in the days to come before Christmas.

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How to deal with Christmas stress
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How to deal with Christmas stress
Is this the season to be jolly - or overwhelmed? Today I’d like to give you a practical exercise to learn how to deal with Christmas stress.
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