Ignoring a problem is extremely dangerous because first it won’t make the problem disappear and second you can get used to the problem so much so that you stop having the problem and start doing it.

You do a problem when you develop behavioural patterns related to the problem.

Why is ignoring a problem so dangerous?

It is dangerous because as you may know the human brain was designed to adapt and learn.

In doing a problem you are sending a message to your brain on how to behave like the problem, how to think like the problem, how to be the problem.

Your brain will then adapt and incorporate this information into your lifestyle.

That is extremely dangerous because you will get so used to doing the problem that in time the problem becomes your best friend, to the extent that when you finally decide to get rid of the problem you may wonder what you will do without it, how you will behave without it and perhaps even who you will become without it, and for fear of not recognising yourself without the problem you may decide to keep it.

So, here’s this week’s challenge.

Solve all your problems; big or small don’t let any problem go unnoticed or unchecked and unsolved.

Even when you think you have a simple problem that can be easily solved, without taking action and in time that simple problem will become so entangled with your reality that it will end up being your reality.

Take action now and solve all your problems.

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