Speak your Mind with words from your Heart

Speak your Mind but choose words from you Heart.

Why should you do that?

Here’s why.

Our brain was designed to adapt and learn, but we do so in different ways.

When we receive information from the world out there, we immediately interpret this information using our five senses to do so; we use our sight, our sense of smell, taste, sounds and how we feel about such information.

The moment this information hits our mind we use filters to interpret it and make it our own.

These filters are hight influenced by our Values and our Beliefs, the community we were born in, the community we live in at the moment, our family, our friends, teachers and mentors and co-workers.

With all these influential factors plus our own interpretation of this information, all of these components together make us see the world in a different way, make us experience reality in our own unique way.

In other words, my way of experience reality is different from yours, and that is only natural.

So, by all means, speak your Mind when communicating with others but bear in mind that because we all experience reality in our own unique way choose words from the Heart.

Choose words of kindness for ourselves and others, choose words of compassion, of understanding, regard and joy.

In doing so, you allow the other to have less resistance to what you want to communicate; you allow the other to be more receptive and acceptive of
the message you want to convey.

Speak your Mind but lead from the Heart.

Lead from the Heart especially when you are referring to yourself and when you are having a conversation with yourself.

So here’s this week’s challenge, perhaps right now or in the future whatever your message is and whomever your message is to, choose words from the Heart, lead from your Heart.

And notice how you feel.

However, if in doing this challenge you realise you don’t know which words to choose then get in touch with me.

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You can also e-mail or message me.

I’m here to support you always from the Heart.

Please do share this blog with other so they too can lead from the Heart.