Transforming your relationship with money is not impossible, even if it is a very complex one.

We all have a very complex relationship with money, to say the least. Most people worry about the lack of it

how am I going to pay my bills?

Either it’s too much, or it’s too little, either it’s too expensive, or too cheap.

Let’s start from the basics: in today’s society, we all need money.

It’s how we pay for services and goods and it’s how we get paid for our services and goods.

However, Money and Abundance are very abstract concepts. Which means your idea of money and abundance is completely different from mine and everybody else.

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So today I’d like to show you how transforming your relationship with money can be made in just 4 easy steps.

They are related to each other, not separate entities. Indeed, we cannot compartmentalise how we feel. Everything we do affects all areas of our lives. That includes Money and Abundance, too.

So here’s the first step.

Pay attention to what you understand as money and abundance.

What’s the meaning you make of how much or how little?

What does abundance mean to you?

How can it improve your life?

Be very specific. This way, you can make a plan on how to get it.

The second step is very very important.

You must believe that you deserve to have money and that you deserve to have abundance.

No matter how it comes. If it comes through hard work, you deserve it. If you win the lottery, you deserve it. Equally, if you inherit money, you deserve it. Also if it’s a gift, you deserve it.

This is something you really really must believe. Even when you have a doubt you need to repeat to yourself

I deserve to have abundance.

I deserve to have money.

The third step is to focus on yourself.

I know there is a lot of pressure for us to buy this, that or the other. However, we are all different. We are not everybody. We are unique in our own way.

Let me give you an example.

I drive because I believe it is a necessary and useful skill. Yet, I don’t care about cars. So, I won’t spend a lot of money on a very fast or posh car, because I’d rather spend my money on a very nice pair of shoes or two or three or a dozen! Although I don’t care about cars, perhaps you do care about cars. Then, you’ll try to get the car you want.

We are different so focus on yourself. I know we are curious and we like to see what the neighbours have, but the most important thing is what you want. What you really want and as you know, you deserve it.

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The last tip is that life is not set in stone.

Life is about flexibility and adaptability. What I mean by that is you are allowed to change your mind.

You may have a goal, perhaps to buy a house. Then, you may find that, on your way to achieving that goal, something else comes up, perhaps an opportunity to travel or perhaps to move somewhere else.

That is the flexibility of life, your circumstances can change. So be ready, be prepared and accept that adaptability and flexibility of life.

Now if at this point in time you are not sure about the deserving bit or if you have more questions and would like yo talk more about it, let’s have a chat.

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Please be abundant and share this article, so that others who could benefit from it can do so.

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Transforming your relationship with money in 4 easy steps
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Transforming your relationship with money in 4 easy steps
Transforming your relationship with money is not impossible, even if it is a very complex one. It can take just 4 steps. Ready to find out which ones they are?
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