What you say to others should have the same attention as what you say to yourself

I bet you are very careful about what you say to others but how careful are you to what you say to yourself?

Communication is key and perhaps when you communicate with others be it in conversation or in writing, you are very careful to what you say.

You choose your words with the intention to make your message clear and concise and you also want to avoid misunderstanding.

Furthermore, you think about the other feelings, you think about how they may react to your message.

You choose your words wisely.

However, when it comes to you, when it comes to your internal dialogue, the voice in your head, when it comes to saying things to yourself and about yourself, how careful are you?

Let me be more specific, for example when you make a decision or a choice and the results of that choice or decision don’t go according to plan what do you say to yourself, what kind of words do you use to describe how you feel about the decision or the choice?

Perhaps you choose words that drag you down, for instance, you say to yourself “Oh this is a disaster”, “I’m a failure”, “I can’t do anything right” or perhaps you choose words that lift you up to such as “Okay, that did not work the way I wanted to.” “That was not what I expected” so “what can I do differently in order to get the results I want.”

Pay attention to how you feel when you are constantly beating yourself up when you are constantly using words that drag you down.

Pay attention to how your day goes and to the quality of your sleep.

And alternatively, pay attention to how you feel during the day and to the quality of your sleep when you use words that lift you up, words that encourage you and motivate you, and notice the difference.

Notice the difference is this week’s challenge.

For one week the last thing you say to yourself before you settle for the night are words of kindness, compassion, understanding, consideration and love and notice how you sleep.

For one week the first thing you say to yourself as soon as you wake up before you start your day are the same words of kindness, compassion, understanding, joy.

Notice how your day goes when in your mind you have words that lift you up, words that encourage you, support you and move you forward.

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