Recently, several people asked me about my strategy. They wanted to know about my business strategy, marketing, social media and branding strategy.

This inspired me to write this article on how to implement a strategy successfully.

A strategy is simply how we do things in our lives, whatever we do in our lives.
It cannot be limited only to our professional life.
So, strategy affects all areas of our lives, both professional and personal.

Even if we don’t consciously realise it, we have a strategy for absolutely everything:

  • to buy whatever we need to buy,
  • to study and pass a test,
  • to go on holiday,
  • we even have a strategy on how to get the guy or the girl.

However, we are different by nature.

We see the world through different eyes, we do things our own unique way. Therefore, each one of us has different strategies for everything.

This way, you can safely say that we are strategic people.

But how do we do this?

Let me give you a personal example. I have a strategy to buy things which is completely different from my husband’s. So, when we go out shopping, let’s say for clothes, the way I buy is: I look at the shop, I see what I like, I look at the price and if I can afford it I go and try it on. If it looks and feels good I buy it and off I go, bye-bye.
Not my husband, he is completely the opposite. He goes into a shop, he sees what he likes, he checks the price, it’s reasonable and then …

“Darling, let’s go to another shop and see what’s there”.

So, we do and he does the same thing.
Then it’s

“what about that shop over there?”

By that time, my frustration is getting higher and higher. So, before we both lose it completely, we came up with a mutual strategy when we go shopping.
That strategy is that when we go shopping, we split and do our shopping alone and then we meet up for a coffee or a cocktail.
That it is a very successful strategy because there is no frustration, no stress and no anxiety.

So, here are 3 tips for you on how to implement a strategy successfully:

  1. You have to believe that you can do it.
  2. You need to have the courage to adjust it or change it completely.
  3. You need to implement your strategy with compassion for yourself and others as well as an appreciation for yourself and others.

The most successful strategy has to have these three elements.
If not, if there is one missing or if all of them are missing, you end up with stress, anxiety, frustration, lack of confidence, fear, anger and so on. And you don’t want that.

So if I am talking to you right now, if this resonates with you right now, let’s have a chat. Sign up for a free consultation and I can help you change your strategy, so you can have the most successful one.

And please use your most successful strategy to share this article with others so they can benefit from it!

How to implement a strategy successfully
Article Name
How to implement a strategy successfully
We have different strategies for absolutely everything. In this article, I will share my 3 tips for you on how to implement a strategy successfully.
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Regina Brancato-Dunderdale
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