Whatever it is that you do, there is a reason for it.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t even get out of bed. This reason can be from the most basic to the most complex.

There’s a reason why you…

  • cook
  • go to school
  • work
  • go shopping.

There are even reasons why we don’t really like to do some things, but very often we have to.

You may not like doing tax returns. Personally, I don’t like cooking!

Sometimes people say to themselves

“I am good at what I do”.

Now, if I asked you why are you good at that I guess there would be lots of reasons popping up in your head right at this very moment.

Equally, if you say to yourself

“I am not good enough”.

And I were to ask you

“Not good enough for what reason?”

Then perhaps some of you would answer

“I don’t know”.

And if I would insist and ask

“you don’t know for what reason?”

You would probably answer that you are just not good enough and that’s it.

So, this kind of mind frame makes you lose control of the reason you know, or pretend you don’t know.

This may seem to be the easy way out, because the reason may be uncomfortable or even painful.

But if you don’t have control and if you keep repeating to yourself “I don’t know …. I don’t know… I don’t know”, you get stuck. You can’t take action because you don’t know what to do.

And if you are like that, if you are stuck, then being stuck can lead to frustration, sadness and even anger.

So, find the courage to answer and give the reason that you really know when you say to yourself “I am not good enough”.

When you say the real reason, you then get control back. Then, you can take action and change and reverse your mindset.

You change it from “I’m not good enough” to “I am good at what I do”.

If while reading this article you say to yourself “I don’t know”, then let’s have a chat. Sign up for a free 30-minutes consultation.

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I am not good enough
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If sometimes you think "I am not good enough", here's how to take action and reverse your mindset with this article and a free 30-minutes consultation.
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